Commercial World

Commercial World

Commercial World, directed by Dyanna Lauren starts off with a fast forward look at how these sex infomercials are made (while the intro credits are running). It’s actually more set shots than anything. Anyway, after the opening credits run you see a long haired Devon watching sex infomercials while laying in bed with her boyfriend.

I guess watching all the sex toys on TV turns her on because she grabs the remote from her man, turns off the tv and attacks him. ๐Ÿ™‚ First there is a little foreplay, erotic wrestling and nipple bitting. Then he removes Devon’s bra and panties and eats her pussy then finger fucks her. Next she sucks his cock then gives him a quick hand job before sitting on his lap and does a reverse cowboy. Next is doggie style, where we get a nice shot of Devon’s tight pussy. Now back to missionary, seems to play a little rough during this position – then he ends by coming on Devon’s tits and then she licks his cock clean.

charlie devon dayton rains chennin blanc

Next the movie goes back two years earlier when Devon 1st tries to be a sex infomercial model. To get the job she has to fuck a network boss. Luckily for Devon the boss just so happens to be a hot, brunette with big tits. This scene was great. This little girl Devon is with looks like a young Chasey Lain (only naughtier). And we learn one thing while watching this scene. Devon can eat pussy as well as she can suck a cock and she seems to enjoy a cock in her pussy whether it’s a real one or a strap on.

Next we see Devon got the job while she models some sexy purple lingerie and at home the brunette, hot Chasey Lain look alike chick buys it and models it for her man while doing a strip tease for him while he sits back on the couch and enjoys the show (both Devon’s and his woman’s). Once the outfit is off, she sits on his lap and teases his cock by grinding her pussy in his lap and putting her tits in his face. Next she removes his pants and sucks his dick, then he fucks her in the missionary position, then doggie style, then he eats her very trimmed pussy while he dildo fucks her ass. Next he sticks his big cock in that tight little ass of hers – YES … all the way in. Some serious deep anal penetration here. And for all you anal sex fans you’ll be happy to know this is a nice long scene. ๐Ÿ™‚ After fucking her as in a variety of positions the scene ends by him coming on her tit.

Next Devon shows her TV viewers a double sided dildo for the next girls night out – while two blonde girlfriends try the product at home. While fucking each other, one of the girls husband comes home and catches them in the act and of course joins in the fun. Both the girls suck his cock then his wife rides him. while he eats the other chicks pussy. The girlfriend then rides his cock, while the wife plays with her tits and he ends by coming on his wifes tits.

Next Devon models some colored liquid latex by having it painted on her nice little ass, while a home Bobby Vitale fucks his woman like only he can. First he eats her pussy, then she sucks his cock, then she rides his cock in a reverse cowboy, then doggie style, then he rams her hard in the missionary position and ends by coming on her stomach. This was a pretty nice scene since this chick really seemed to be into Bobby Vitale.

After the movie is over they play a few funny fuck ups made while trying to make the movie. Overall I would say this was a pretty good flick but give it a few extra points for the pairing of Devon (with long hair) and the Chasey Lain look alike. Those two are great together. Without a doubt two of Vivid’s hottest new girls!

Commercial World

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  • Scene 1. Devon and Mark Davis
  • Scene 2. Charlie and Devon
  • Scene 3. Charlie and Jonathan Simms
  • Scene 4. Chennin Blanc, Dayton Rains and Mark Davis
  • Scene 5. Julie Meadows and Bobby Vitale