Eve’s Gift

Eve's Gift

Eve’s gift is the story of a miracle that didn’t happen on 34th street. Angels come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be a cocktail waitress in a deserted bar around Christmas Eve. They can save a man who feels like half a man. And best of all, they can even be

Devon. Make a wish upon a star! Written and directed by David Stanley. Produced by: Vivid Video. Stars: Devon and a cast of naughty other little angels and a few dirty little devils.

In some no-name cafe in the middle of nowhere a man in on the phone arguing with his wife because he’s not at home with his family for Christmas Eve. The poor guy tries to defend himself, saying that he will make it home tomorrow to spend Christmas with the family but his wife doesn’t care what he has to say. She wants him home NOW. When the man hangs up the phone he looks over to a man sitting at the counter at the cafe dressed as a sad Santa Claus and the man tells him that he should try harder to make his wife happy.

devon syndee steele renee larue adajja

Next the movie jumps to the back alley of the cafe where another man is getting a blow job by a hooker named Eve, played by Syndee Steele … a hot brunette with big tits. First “Eve” sucks his uncircumcised cock, then he fingers her pussy as she lays on a sheet-less mattress thrown in the alley by god only knows who. By her loud moans you can tell she really likes the way he finger fucks her. Next he fucks her doggie style, then in a unique variation of the same position he leans up on his knees and while fucking her also licks her toes. After it’s all said and done he comes on her face major big time. Lots of goo in this scene.

After doing the john in the alley, Eve goes into the cafe and chats it up with the sad Santa. While trying to get him to fuck her, she finds out his name is Chris and that his wife is dead. His wife is played by Devon. Chris (aka the sad Santa) drinks a ton of eggnog and gets totally drunk. When he tries to leave he only makes it as far as the alley when he passes out drunk on the matress that Eve used just a short time ago when fucking that guy. When Santa’s drunk ass passed out cold, Eve did what any old whore would have done … she took his wallet and his car keys. But then Eve feels guilty about what she did and came back. Eve gave Chris (aka sad, drunk ass, passed out in the alley Santa) his money back and drove him back to his place. She laid him on the couch and she fell asleep in the chair.

BUT before Eve came back with Chris’s money and while he was passed out drunk in the alley he had a dream about his lovely wife …. DEVON! Chris is dreaming about a previous Christmas he had with Devon. Devon wraps herself up and gives herself to him as his gift. First he unties the bow to expose her beautiful naked body. Then he eats her pussy. Her moans of pleasure let him know he’s surely doing it right! Next she returns the favor by sucking his cock. Then the two get down and dirty with multiple forms of missionary sex including one with her legs against his chest. You can tell that his large cock barely fits into her tight pussy when the two enjoy a nice side fuck. But the best position would have to be when Devon is on top, riding his cock while holding her head back. I don’t know if Devon has ever looked better! But as you know all good things must come to an end and this one ended with Chris jacking off and cumming on her tits.

Back in reality land … when they woke up he wondered what in the world happened and more importantly, why was there a hooker at his house. After Eve tells Chris what happened the two sit at the kitchen table for breakfast and Santa tells Eve about the Christmas that Devon died. I won’t go into all the details and ruin the movie for you, but I of course will tell you the hot sex parts. 🙂

Chris catches his wife (Devon) doing the nasty with some stud in the bathroom at a Christmas party. First the guy eats Devon’s pussy, then she sucks his cock and then he rubs his cock on her tits. Next she rides him then he fucks her on top of this large marble bathtub. Next they do doggie style over the sink and then he comes on her tits. Now keep in mind Devon’s husband, Chris isn’t actually seeing all of this … he is however standing outside the door listening. BUT don’t label Devon a cheating bitch just yet … because it seems earlier than night Devon caught Santa with his pants down.

But more on that later …

Next Eve tells us her worst Christmas story. It seems Eve used to be married to a jerk who had a serious drug problem so she had to start hooking to pay for his habit. One night while on a trick, she was with a man and his hot blonde wife. They had a night of naughty threesome sex. First Eve sucks the man’s cock while his wife plays with Eve’s body. Then they switch and they both suck the man’s cock (oh what a lucky man) then the man fucks Eve from behind while his wife sits back and enjoys the show while playing with her pussy at the same time. Next she eats Eve’s pussy while her husband continues to fuck her in a unique lesbian 69 kind of think. Next the husband and Eve finger fuck the blonde wife. Next the husband fucks Eve again, then his wife. Then he eats Eve’s pussy while he is fucking his wife and ends by coming on both of their faces. After it’s all over Eve tells us a sad story about it all, which is why it was her worst Christmas.

Now back to Chris. Remember the Christmas party where Devon fucked the guy in the bathroom? Well it seems earlier that night Chris fucked a hot blonde in one of the bedrooms at the party. First the blonde sucked his cock, then they did 69. Next he fucked her doggie style, then he rammed his cock into her ass for some hot ANAL SEX! After fucking her in the ass for awhile he pulls out and cums in her mouth, at which time Devon walks in and catches them.

I don’t want to ruin the end of the movie for you so I’ll stop there because the rest is all story driven. That was the last real sex scene in the movie. Overall I would rate this is a 8 1/2 out of 10 but if I based the rating off of Devon alone it would be without a doubt a perfect 10! Devon was great. Her sex scenes were hot and she of course was even hotter!


Eve's Gift

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  • Scene 1. Sydnee Steele and Mark Davis
  • Scene 2. Devon and Eric Price
  • Scene 3. Devon and Vince Vouyer
  • Scene 4. Sydnee Steele, Renee LaRue and Ian Daniels
  • Scene 5. Adajja and Mark Davis