Picture This

Picture This

Martin can’t get any work done because a total fox keeps bringing her to his one-hour photo. Catch Picture This. It is enough to make a young man point and shoot.

In Vivid’s “Picture This”, Devon is looking sexier than ever and likes to play a little naughty in front of the camera and when taking her roles of film into the local processing center, the man developing the film becomes obsessed with the thought of her. He becomes consumed by every thought, desire and fantasy she plays out for him in her new roll of naughty film.

devon dyanna lauren shelbee myne violet love

In the movie we get to see not only the naughty pictures Devon is taking, but what she is doing while she is taking the pictures … including fucking, sucking and a little lesbian pussy licking on the side.

By the end of the movie, you really start to feel sorry for this photo guy because he only gets to see the pictures and never gets in on any of the “fun” himself. Or does he? By the way, this movie was directed by Dyanna Lauren. At the end of the movie you get to see some funny scenes of Dyanna doing her job. Pretty cute. 🙂


Picture This

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  • Scene 1. Tara and Julian
  • Scene 2. Devon and Violet Love
  • Scene 3. Devon, Ginger Paige, Julian and Kenya
  • Scene 4. Kitten and Ian Daniels
  • Scene 5. Pat Myne and Shelbee Myne
  • Scene 6. Devon and Evan Stone