The Pinup

The Pinup

Vivid Video presents The Pinup with our most beloved porn star of all time, Devon.  I thought long and hard before posting this review. I hate posting negative reviews but at the same time, I don’t want to flat out lie to you either so it wasn’t easy for me to put up this review but you needed to know.

With all the ups and downs in Devon’s career lately, the one thing the critics can’t say is that she doesn’t look beautiful. Devon’s latest artistic endeavor, The Pin Up, more than proves that. BUT that’s about the only good thing I can say for this movie. This isn’t going to make you happy if you’re a major Devon fan. So if you are a major, die hard Devon fan you might want to stop reading right here and go on to one of her other movie reviews.

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The movie begins with Devon posing for the camera, mimicking poses from old time erotic photos. We never actually see the man behind the camera, but we know he is there. With each new pose, the camera man is getting more and more turned on. Devon can tell she is making the guys dick hard and starts to tease him. The man behind the camera seems to be obsesses with her pussy.

While in the process of doing these poses, the camera man realizes that Devon looks almost identical to the girl in the actual photo she is mimicking. Devon takes a look for herself and realizes that he was right. Since (in the story line) Devon was adopted, she wondered if this model from long ago was a family member. Perhaps her grandmother? Devon wants a copy of the photo so she can investigate but has to give the guy a blow job to get it. Odd thing here is well, considering this is a porno, we don’t actually get to see the blow job. Maybe the director forgot he was making a SEX film. But anyway….

In the next scene Devon pulls out the phone books and tirelessly calls every A. Johnson in the L.A. area to find the one man who might have had something to do with the girl in the photo. She finally finds the guy and he’s in an old folks home. Devon finds out that in the old days the concept of record keeping didn’t exist but that she has to somehow be related to the women because not only do they look exactly alike but she also had the exact same mole on her tit. Although the guy can’t remember her name, he does remember one of the jobs he hired her for. It was a girl/girl photo shoot during WWII with a girl that would later become a famous actress. His recollection of the photo shoot is a nice lesbian scene between Devon and some skanky blonde chick who has some serious buck teeth.

Vivid needs to look seriously at their casting department. There are some VERY serious problems there. But anyway … after the lesbian scene we move on to Devon looking up the movie star who tuns out to know who the woman in the photo was because she was her live in lesbian lover for 30 years. But as a lesbian how can she have had a child? Devon goes back to her apartment and then the movie star’s butler shows up to explain. One day the movie star and Devon’s twin were having a little fun when she rang for the butler’s assistance. Well actually all they wanted from his was his cock!! 🙂 The scene goes into detail of how the three had wild passionate sex. Come to find out, Devon’s twin liked a big cock in her mouth as much as she liked to eat pussy, so the two had a secret affair for years. The one weird thing about this scene is how you don’t actually get to see much. Sure you know that the movie star is sucking the butler’s cock but Devon is in the way so you aren’t actually seeing it. Then when Devon takes over the buck tooth movie star chick is in the way. And I just don’t mean in the way – I mean fully blocking all of it. I’ve seen more sex on HBO than I did in this sorry excuse for a movie.

Well back to the movie – one day she accidentally got knocked up and they sent the kid off to the butler’s sister to be raised. The kid was none other than Devon’s mother. The butler’s sister wasn’t that good of a caregiver. Instead she was more interested in being a slut.  So then we find out the story of Devon’s mothers 18th birthday and the day she left home.

The butler’s sister had her loser boyfriend over and they were drinking beer. They of course had sex. It was during this very scene that I realized how much I appreciate the work Paul Thomas does. Pay close attention to this scene and you’ll see what I mean. Especially the part where the guy fucked her in the chair. Actually I do have to explain — this is driving me crazy. When someone talented like P.T. directs a movie, you get great shots of actual SEX taking place – the full penetration. It’s almost like you are there. He is great at what he does. When some jackass that wants to be a director gives it a try you get a movie like this. You can’t see the actually cock going into her pussy because the heal of her shoe is in the way. Then he gets the bring idea to go up from behind. So what do you get? A nasty shot of a guys hairy ass. Yes, I did say HAIRY ass. I was ill. I almost turned it off at that very point. But it was a Devon movie, so I forced myself to continue. It was quite a bad mistake. 🙁 I should have stopped when I had the chance. Oh and one more thing about this scene. At the very end, the guy smashes a beer can on his forehead and burps. What the hell was that all about? But for this sorry excuse for a movie, that was about par for the course.

Devon’s mother moves out and makes a few softcore movies. Things don’t work out and she becomes a street walker. the director recalls a time he seen her last, which was a weird threesome in the back of a van. Again, the WORST directing in the world! If you didn’t see the box cover of this movie you would swear a movie like this wasn’t a Vivid movie. Even in Vivid’s earliest days, they didn’t realize movies as badly shot as this.

Next we find out more abut the story plot and that is it. Serious – the end. Thank God!! If there is ever a movie I would say don’t buy – well, this is it. I mean, if you are a Devon fan it is your choice but the only thought that comes to my mind after watching this movie is “oh how fast Devon’s star has fallen”. She claims in an interview that she left Vivid because they wouldn’t give her a chance to act. Well truth is – and don’t get me wrong I love Devon – but now I know why Vivid won’t let her. She can’t act. The plot of the movie WOULD have been great given a better director and cast. But it did serve one good purpose. It reminds us why we all came to love Devon …. because she is beautiful. If she would remember that, she would do good. But I do pray that she doesn’t attempt to act again in the future.

Her role in “If Looks Could Kill” was great but it was limited. When they actually gave Devon a ton of dialog, she just couldn’t pull it off. I love Devon. I think she is beautiful. But I also think she should stick with what she does best – LOOK BEAUTIFUL and leave the rest behind. As for the director of this movie – well, I give him credit for one thing… making me realized how much being a good director (like Paul Thomas) is an actual art form. No this isn’t about plot. This is purely a sexual thing. When I watch a porno I want to see beautiful naked girls having SEX. This movie was not that. I can’t even think of a way to describe what this movie was.

And to our friends at Vivid Video, whom I’m sure will eventually find out about this review: I’m sorry but as a major fan of your work, I have never been more disappointed in the Vivid name. I have come to expect only the best when I see the words “Vivid Video” on the label of a box cover. The sex in this movie was almost non-resistant, the girls were worse than skanky, the makeup artist for Devon (in the first of the movie) should IMMEDIATELY be terminated for ever letting Devon put on pink frost lip stick with a maroon lip liner and as for the director, well perhaps you were just being nice giving a newbie a chance but perhaps you should keep those newbie directors with Vivid Raw products, where they belong.

So, to all you Devon fans out there, I’m sorry. It seems we are going to have to wait a little longer to get someone new of Devon we will actually like. On a side note – Devon does make a great model (in the first of the film).

The Pinup

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